Starting a New Routine

By Zachary Alexander on

The last few years have revolved around thinking about hydrogen convergence and how best to help those tasked with supporting sustainability. Hopefully, loyal readers of the ebTDesign Forum will come view this blog as a space for discussing how best to end America’s long decline, which is a situation almost 70 years in the making. And one that may be in the process of morphing into something that appears unstoppable.

Richard Florida in an interview on C-Span back in 2006 said that greatest challenge facing the American people was how make the United States Economy work for everyone not just the creative class. Today, you would probably focus more keenly on the issue of income inequality both here and abroad as a major source of strategic uncertainty. However, they both result in underperforming economies.

Starting a new blog is like preparing to run the Boston Marathon. Every morning you’ve got to force yourself to get out of bed and do the work. For those training for marathons, this means starting the first of many training runs. It means enduring sore muscles and other minor inconveniences. And it doesn’t guarantee fame or fortune or even that you’ll finish the climb up heartbreak hill.

Likewise, for readers of this blog, there is no guarantee that this ship will be righted before the next election or that the Obama Coalition will hold together. The only guarantee is that if nothing is done the long decline will continue. Neither evolution nor creative destruction takes prisoners. They can’t be reasoned with or bought off. They have to be out run, out innovated, and simply out worked.

Zachary Alexander