SNICE Growth

By Zachary Alexander on

Last month, post-globalists were asked, “Is anyone talking with economic developers?” That blog segment described how the government shutdown created an opportunity to use Post-Globalism to promote the interests of owner/operators. This month you’ll be introduced to the Strategic Network for Industry Cluster Empowerment (SNICE). And talk about its potential for developing new pro-growth strategies.

For the record, SNICE was started in August of 2008 as forum where economic developers could talk about helping lesser industrialized communities survive on their own terms. Originally, it was a reaction to the base closings and the negative economic consequences of the government realignments. However, it soon became clear that this group would be needed even more to ensure economic sustainability.

During the reelection of President Obama, a new challenge to economic sustainability for lesser industrialized communities emerged in the form of the Freedom First Mob in Congress. For the first time since the Civil War, members of the United States Congress were willing hold up funds for disaster relief efforts and actually argue that the money should be offset with funds from other social programs for the poor.

In the spring of 2013, it became clear that a new pro-growth movement was needed to counter the influence of the Freedom First Mob and the Paulestinians. It was also determined that the pro-growth ideology practiced by Republicans had led to a long economic decline and that the decline was picking up speed. Post-Globalism: A Strategy for ending America’s Long Decline was written to spark conversation.

Now, it’s time to grow the Strategic Network for Industry Cluster Empowerment. New members will help instill a sense of practical relevance and ensure the rapid vetting of Post-Globalism strategies. A lot of very serious people will say that Post-Globalism can’t work because it relies on network-oriented concepts. They will point to the healthcare rollout and ignore efforts to sabotage the implementation.

The problem is that America’s long decline is undeniable when you look at it over the timeframe of the last almost 70 years. America had enormous economic capacity and a rapidly growing middle class after World War II.  Now, profiteering is running rampant. The middle class is shrinking and America’s capacity to produce cutting edge goods and services has been greatly diminished. Maintaining the status quo is no longer an option.

Zachary Alexander