Post-Globalism needed to empower Global Youth

By Zachary Alexander on

The World Bank has a segment on its blog called, “Great Ideas Come from Everywhere.” This article suggests that collaboration by “global youth” is the answer to dealing with the techno economic changes that are underway. What’s missing is a strategy for empowering young owner/operators. In fact, most post-globalists know that collaboration is a tactic not a strategy and ending America’s long decline will require a bold new pro-growth strategy.

The speed of techno economic change scares a lot of very serious people into thinking that any action is better than no action at all. You see this concept at work with Internet development initiatives all the time. Contractors get scared and instead of fixing the problem they simply devise strategies for looking busy. Generally, these so-called gurus won’t even acknowledge that the project is headed in the wrong direction.

What’s needed a pro-growth strategy like Post-Globalism which lays out very clearly where the country/organization is going. Post-Globalism leaves the individual tactics and design decisions to team members. Also, Post-Globalism has an organizing principle called strategic networks that can be used to ensure that the right participates are engaged in the collaboration and that they are heading in the right direction in the near-term.

No one can argue with a desire to foster global collaboration. However, post-globalists need to be concerned that their activity actually produces results that are “fit for purpose.” Doctors say “first do no harm,” which means don’t do anything that makes things worse. And post-globalists need to ensure that what they are doing with Post-Globalism doesn’t do anything that will contribute to America’s long decline.

Zachary Alexander