Oversized Personality is not a Strategy

By Zachary Alexander on

Commentators on the cable news shows are ecstatic that Chris Christie was reelected governor of New Jersey. Most are saying that he is the face of an ascendant Republican Party. Governor Christie feigned modesty by saying he was concentrating on getting things done in New Jersey and it’s up to other people to find lessons for themselves. Furthermore, post-globalists are reminded that big personality is not a pro-growth strategy.

For example, George W. Bush had a lot of self-confidence in his ability to grow the economy. Unfortunately, this was not the case for the majority of Americans and the hangover has continued through President Obama’s first term. Additionally, America’s standing among its trading partners was at its lowest point ever when President Bush left. And the Snowden leaks have exacerbated many of the riffs that existed in the past.

What’s needed is consolidated support for a pro-growth strategy like Post-Globalism in both 2014 and 2016. Governor Christie has made a career denigrating public school teachers and their unions. This means post-globalists may find support with teachers. They have fought the accusation by those on the right that public education is in crisis. Teachers have stood up for the rights of all Americans to obtain an education.

An educated electorate may not be in the best interest of those on right like the Freedom First Mob in Congress and Cost Cutter Wing of the Republican Party. However, it is exactly what post-globalists need to launch a pro-growth strategy like Post-Globalism. Easy answers that are based on Neoliberalism have led to America’s long decline. A strong partnership with teachers is what’s needed to reverse the damage.

Zachary Alexander