Make 2014 about New Blog Voices

By Zachary Alexander on

The government shutdown by the GOP provides an opportunity for Democrats to make inroads into the small business community. The GOP had taken the small business community for granted by treating them like small big businesses. However, post-globalists saw the clear distinctions between the interests of owner/operators that need things like small business loan processing and large transnational corporations that need nothing.

There is a need for new blog voices that understand that America’s economic future is no longer tied to large transnational corporations. And that biggest economic battle is no longer between management and employees.  Now, there are two battles one internal and the other external. And that the threats facing the working and middle class are very different from those of the top 1 percent. The internal problem is low private investment and state capitalism like that practiced in China is the external threat.

Unfortunately, all you hear in the mainstream media is talk about how Populism is making a resurgence. Most Americans would agree that on any given day, the news coverage by the mainstream media doesn’t reflect their concerns. While working and middle class Americans care about income equality, all the mainstream media can talk about is the combat between Republicans and Democrats.

New blog voices can talk about emerging pro-growth strategies like Post-Globalism. And they would not have to rely on old ideologies like Populism to make the case for reacting to 21st century techno economic change in near real-time. Additionally, new blog voices can ensure that nostalgia for populists messaging won’t place Democrats in less than desirable position in the coming 2014 elections.

Zachary Alexander