Latest Signs of Transnational Profiteering

By Zachary Alexander on

According to the Financial Times, transnational corporations are using cash on hand to buy commercial paper. Members of the Cost Cutter Wing of the Republican Party like to say that the problem with job growth in America is the crush of entitlements. On the other hand, the Freedom First Mob in Congress likes to say that it’s the strategic uncertainty of regulations. However, post-globalists will say that profiteering is the problem.

Transnational corporations are sitting on tons of money instead of investing in new products or paying dividends to shareholders. Commentators on cable news shows suggest all kinds of reasons why this money isn’t trickling down to working and middle class Americans. Politicians have spent the five years since the Great Recession lobbying the American people for more giveaways to these large transnational corporations.

The challenge is that there is not enough Post-Globalism talk. Most Americans don’t know that big businesses can use commercial paper as the corporate equivalent of carried interest. They are so focused on making a living wage that they don’t have the time to think about how transnational corporations divert funds that could be used to pay for road repair and improving the education system.

Post-Globalism talks would inform the people about how big businesses cheat the federal government out of their tax dollars. Additionally, conversations about Post-Globalism would also alert regular people to the challenges of owner/operators. And show them that they are the real job creators in their communities. You don’t need a MBA to understand that the money spent on attracting businesses is wasted all you need more Post-Globalism talk.

Zachary Alexander