It’s about Strategic Networking not Leadership

By Zachary Alexander on

You can’t turn on cable news without hearing some pundit talk about the need for more American leadership. Republicans say that President Obama needs to lead. Neoconservatives (Neocons) say that the reason that there is so much turmoil in the world is because America is not leading. Some critics go as far as saying that leading from behind is an oxymoron or maybe more appropriately a non sequitur.

From a post-globalist viewpoint, leadership is a matter of self-discipline not an issue of how best to project power. Post-Globalism, the act of projecting power does more to isolate the so-called leader than it does to hurt the subject of the action. In fact, you can make the case that President Obama is the first Post-Globalism President because he understands that open conflict causes the American people to disengage from the conversation.

There is no way to maintain a leadership position in isolation. Leadership by its very nature is a social/public effort. The rate of techno economic change also makes it difficult to maintain a leadership position. Post-Globalism, leaders must be able to build strategic networks in order to supplement any needed capabilities. Leaders must acquire and utilize integral knowledge that provides a seat at the table for everyone.

The horrible events that transpire on cable news every night from foreign lands are not the result of a lack of American leadership. In fact, they generally don’t have anything to do with America. Horrific events have more to do with the end of Globalism. Now, the world must deal with what comes next (i.e. Post-Globalism). Real leaders must use strategic networking to build a peaceful world that provides everyone a seat at the table.

Zachary Alexander