Is anyone talking with economic developers?

By Zachary Alexander on

The business community is reeling from the government shutdown. For years, the Republican Party has been seen as the champions of big business. In fact, you could make a case that economic development organizations were simply the local chapters of that states Republican Party. Now, the question is will post-globalists take advantage of the turmoil in the Republican Party to help owner/operators.

The government shutdown showed a glaring disconnect between large transnational corporations and small owner/operators. As displayed in the stock markets, large transnational corporations really don’t care if the United States Government functions as long as it doesn’t default. Additionally, it showed that small owner/operators are hurt when federal services like SBA loan processing are not readily available.

This provides a unique opportunity for post-globalists to gain a foothold in the business community. The vast majority of businesses in America are actually owned and operated by the same people. Also, the overwhelming amount of the work done by economic developers is done on the behalf of small owner/operated businesses. Theoretically, this means that economic developers should support the introduction of Post-Globalism.

Pro-growth strategies in the past have been built on Neoliberalism, which is an ideology that believes that government is the root cause of all that ails America. In principle, that’s what the government shutdown was all about. On the other hand, Post-Globalism is a pro-growth strategy that is dedicated to re-balancing economic development resources at all levels and increasing the number of programs that target owner/operators.

Zachary Alexander