Continuing SNICE Outreach

By Zachary Alexander on

Back in July of 2012, members of the Strategic Network for Industry Cluster Empowerment (SNICE) were asked the best ways to engage young professionals. This led numerous suggestion that centered around given them a greater voice in the economic development process to holding targeted events. Last month, Post-Globalism Talk continued this outreach by engaging college democratic organizations.

This new outreach will serve as an opportunity to introduce young professionals to the Post-Globalism mindset while they are still developing their strategic networks. It will also provide community that is willing to talk about the value of maximizing economic participation over economic efficiency (i.e. profiteering). Moreover, it goes without saying they have a vested interested in a new pro-growth strategy like Post-Globalism.

For economic development organizations, this new outreach program could provide them with tips on how to make economic development more relevant to the lives of young professionals. There are two troubling trends that affect the viability of economic development organizations. Millennials are less committed to industry associations as a source of career advancement and second is that there are fewer baby boomers willing to participate.

SNICE is devoted to talking about the governance of strategic networks from the point of view of economic developers. This new outreach effort will talk about strategic networks from the standpoint of personal career advancement. No matter how you want to use strategic networks, a new Post-Globalism mindset is needed to implement them properly. So, stay tuned and you’ll find out how young professionals feel about Post-Globalism and strategic networks.

Zachary Alexander