Welcome to the Conversation

The next step in the evolution of 21st century economic thought starts with a discussion of how best to unleash American innovation. Gone are the days when American communities could beat international competitors using only business incentives. In the minds of many, America has become a second tier market where all citizens do is argue with each other. However, this doesn't take into account the potential of you and your peers or the fact that Americans will come together when the need arises.

Post-Globalism is a conversation about what comes next. It's a discussion about how best to not only ensure economic sustainability but also how redefine the qualities of success. This is where your input is needed. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to empowering 21st century communities. The only thing that is for sure is that neither evolution nor creative destruction takes prisoners. You can't reason with them. You've got to out run, out work, and out innovate them in order to stay relevant.

Zachary Alexander